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Product #068
Product #068
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The English Literature CLEP test is for all of you who like to read – you’ve probably already covered a few of the books on the reading list to pass this test. This test requires you to read passages, stories or poems and answer questions about them. This guide will give you detailed examples and exercises to test your analysis skills and think deeper about the material. We’ll steer you in the right direction with our list of other books to study. This book will teach you everything you need to know to pass this test!

Download our gift to you, Study Tips for CLEP Students, to get you started. Detailed information in this guide includes:

• Literature Terminology
• Plot
• Setting
• Characters
• Point of View
• Mood
• Tone
• Theme
• Poetry Terminology
• Meter
• Rhyme
• Stanza
• Epic
• Haiku
• Sonnet
• Terza Rima
• Villanelle
• Rhyme Royal
• Sestina
• Blank Verse
• Free Verse
• Other Important Terms
• Allegory
• Alliteration
• Allusion
• Antithesis
• Hyperbole
• Imagery

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